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Our primary goal is to consider the outcome of the end users, in this case the students. FE is competitive in regards to the students finding the best possible education. Odyssey provide our customers with fantastic value for money IT solutions.

How we do it ?

Learning Outcomes - Helping find appropriate technology that challenges and engages students, Maintaining a pervasive and high level of technology that most students experience of home – to allow for seamless learning.

Value for Money - Odyssey can help maintain the latest technology and higher device to student ratio all within your budget and implement ideas that will make your budget stretch, all in  a timely fashion without compromising on specification or performance.

Strategic Long Term Partner - Most ICT developments within schools will not be individual, this is what separates Odyssey from the rest, for us it’s about the journey. All stages of development need to be looked at with and expert and considered approach  to ensure overall success. We work with Colleges at any stage to develop a holistic understanding and become a trusted long term partner.

At Odyssey we cater for a large number of IT requirements, aiming to provide in-house professional services or through our trusted partner program.  We have worked tirelessly to build relationships with appropriate and localised IT partners. Our vendor and distribution relationships spanning over a combined 35 years mean we can deliver almost anything at a competitive cost with significant value-added services for our customers.

Further Education Colleges

For Further Education Colleges one of the crucial factors when choosing an ICT supplier and partner is availability and cost. We understand that as a College you will generally have in-house expertise to design and build solutions and are looking for best value.

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