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Odyssey Education was founded on our belief that education technology can be sustainable and effective. Students and teachers can make ubiquitous use of IT – but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. After a combined 35 years in education procurement we have all learnt a thing or two about what makes good value for money. From initial outlay to return on investment and cost over lifetime we take time to review products and services based on their overall value to education customers.

As Schools, Academies and Colleges time should be spent educating and working with students to maximise their potential; procurement can be a time consuming and difficult process. Each institute operates with different thresholds for procurement (from 3 quotes to national OJEU processes) however one element remains the same; you need the best quality products and services at the lowest value.

The Right Solution

As a solution provider we can deliver your School, Academy or College with assured technical guidance on a whole range of IT solutions. From User Devices and planning a 1:1 scheme to CCTV and Safeguarding we have the experience to make your project a success. With ICT becoming more and more prevalent within education there is an ever increasing range of solutions that are supporting everything from SEN development to PREVENT strategies. We specialise in consulting with our customers to find the best solution to meet and exceed their vision.

As there is such a wide and varied amount of ICT we have listed some of the areas we have worked in, feel free to get in touch if there is anything not listed here as we will be happy to help:


Consultancy and Training – Bespoke and Tailored to your requirement

User Devices – Tablets, PC’s, Laptops

Classroom Technology and AV – Interactive panels, projectors, peripherals

Specialist AV – Hall and theatre projection systems, ‘wow factor’ solutions, SEN sense rooms

Wireless & Networking – Wireless, switching and infrastructure cabling

Software – Microsoft OVS-ES and bespoke, e.g. Classroom Management

Servers and Virtualisation – Storage, Converged or Cloud

CCTV – IPTV and specialist

The Right Technology

Odyssey have key strategic partnerships with selected providers to ensure that we are 100% confident of the results when we supply solutions to our customers. When we review technology companies for their products we review three crucial elements:

So, for instance, our wireless partner –Ruckus – have been reviewed for their experience in education, their current product and solution offering and what they have planned for the future.


Past:  With Ruckus wireless a market leader with plenty of 1:1 device schemes deployed across the UK we know that their pedigree is strong.


Now: The current offering under Ruckus has strengthened with the introduction of their AX products as well as strengthening of onboarding software product; Cloudpath.


Future: Ongoing development and integration alongside the strengthening of the controller-less wireless solution. We all of this in mind we are happy to recommend Ruckus as a trusted partner, similarly our other brands are focussed and aligned in the same manner – giving you peace of mind as a customer that any technology from Odyssey Education has been vetted for education.


The Right Service

Education institutes, whether primary, secondary or FE phase all look for specialist qualities in their support and professional services. They must be knowledgeable in education IT systems, provide enhanced and tailored support services and fit tight budgets and time-scales.

Odyssey Education understand the characteristic challenges of education:


• Access to work areas during school hours

• Difficult and constrained time frames – school holidays

• Bespoke Education technologies

• Tight Budgets

• DBS and Safeguarding

In order to mitigate these issues we provide onsite project management on all of our projects. In addition our installation teams will be trained, accredited and, where required, DBS checked for your environment.


We offer out of hours services (weekends and 3 pm onward starts) to work around your teaching and learning experience. In addition, we pride ourselves on the tidiness of our onsite teams and in working to minimise any disruption of our customers.

At Odyssey we provide localised, educationally focussed, support to offer a perfect mix of great experience and value due to our locality. From meeting tight time-scales (half term week), to providing onsite project management free of charge we aim to go the extra mile to ensure your project is a complete success. Our case studies attest to our customer focussed attitude.

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