Why choose Epson?

Epson, the market leader in projectors since 20011, offers display solutions with a superior viewing experience compared to flat panel screens, helping to increase audience engagement.


Introducing a wide range of innovative features for enhanced image quality,

reliability and flexibility, Epson’s solutions are the clear choice.


Large, scalable displays to create agile working environments in a variety of

spaces. Enjoy hassle-free connectivity for users and seamless connectivity to

existing IT infrastructures.

Within education, Epson has an interactive market share of 72.1% across EMEAR2.

Epson interactive teaching solutions give teachers the freedom to create digital learning experiences that meet the expectations of today's technologically aware teachers and students, to promote participation and effective learning.

Advanced interactive teaching solution


Epson education projectors offer dual pen interactivity (EB-710Ui, EB-696Ui, EB-695Wi, EB-685Wi, EB-675Wi only) with a new pen design for comfortable writing and a choice of hard or soft tips, as well as finger-touch interactivity (EB-710Ui, EB-696Ui, EB-695Wi only).


All interactive models have extensive PC-free annotation functions and enhanced moderator function, as well as split-screen capabilities and ultra-wide multiscreen interactivity. Users can also control additional equipment such as a document camera directly from the projector, and all models come with HDMI inputs, integrated 16w speaker and microphone input.

Encourages imagination


Academic studies have shown that interactive classroom devices such as Epson's education projector range can help students develop significantly greater creativity, flexibility and originality, as well as improving motivation to learn, and allowing teachers to create attention-grabbing and relevant teaching materials2.

 Intuitive and easy to use


All our interactive teaching solutions have extensive connectivity options that are simple to set up and use, with comprehensive features and apps to make sharing information easy and engaging. From fast connection to students' PCs to wireless access for smartphones and tablets, they add engagement and involvement to any learning environment.


Promotes critical thinking


Interactive teaching solutions offer more tools for engaging the entire class and allow students to exercise their critical skills more than traditional teaching methods. Students can use their tablets, laptops or smartphones to respond to multiple choice questions, vote in polls or give feedback, with the results shown instantly on screen. This helps to involve the entire class in the discussion - especially useful with larger class sizes - while the personal engagement and relative anonymity encourage greater interaction from far more students.

Enhances technology skills


Technology skills are vital for the modern workplace, regardless of industry sector, and interactive products help provide teachers and students with the skills they require, almost as a by-product of engaging with lesson materials and tasks. Epson's interactive display solutions encourage students to interact with creative tasks and display their work on the big screen, building computer skills and instilling familiarity with wireless and projector technology.

Product Range

Versatile, scalable display solutions

Bring presentations for audiences of any size to life with our mainstream business displays. Versatile connectivity and installation options mean, whatever your budget, there is a display to suit

your needs.


Full HD resolution – 1080p

Flexible installation or move between rooms

Up to 300” scalable display

Built-in wireless and Screen Mirroring (Miracast)

Up to 17,000 hours lamp life (in Eco mode)

Other models in range EB-S39, EB-E20, EB-X49, EB-W42,

EB-W49, EB-982W, EB-FH52



Full HD resolution – 1080p

Up to 300” scalable display

Built-in wireless and Screen Mirroring (Miracast)

Up to 7,000 hours lamp life (in Eco mode)

Other models in range EB-1780W


Full HD resolution – WUXGA

Up to 300” scalable display

Built-in wireless and Screen Mirroring (Miracast)

HDBaseT and HDMI

Up to 10,000 hours lamp life (in Eco mode)

Other models in range EB-2250U, EB-2255U


Full HD resolution – 1080p PS

Up to 500” scalable display

Built-in wireless and Screen Mirroring (Miracast)

Up to 30,000 hours life (in Eco mode)

Other models in range EB-L200W, EB-L510U, EB-L610U,


Flexible display options and sizes

Deliver impactful sessions with a choice of display options

and sizes* at one fixed cost:

Up to 100” (16:9 standalone)

Up to 120” (16:6 standalone)

Up to 155” DuoLink interactivity (EB-1485Fi only), which

combines two interactive displays using edge blending.


Collaborate and connect

Create agile working environments and share content

quickly and simply with easy-to-use, intuitive on-screen

interfaces and optional pen or finger touch on the

interactive models.


Wirelessly connect any mobile device with Epson

iProjection App or Screen Mirroring (Miracast)

functionality*. Compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS,

Android and Chromebooks, iProjection is free to download

and allows the user to display content from multiple

devices and platforms whilst retaining control over what is

displayed and when.


Optimise meeting interactions

Combine up to four sources, such as video conference

systems from multiple video sources and presentations, by

creating a sliding split screen*.


Fit and forget laser technology*

Use for up to 30,000 hours (Eco mode) without any

maintenance, with the additional peace of mind of a five

year warranty.


Multiple display options and sizes up to 155"

(with DuoLink interactivity)

5,000lm, Full HD 1080p resolution, 16:6 wide


Touch and dual pen interactivity

Built-in digital whiteboard

Multiple connectivity options including HDMI out

and HDBaseT

Built-in wireless and Screen Mirroring (Miracast)

Split-screen interactivity

Built-in OPS slot for a mini PC

Five year warranty

More products available. Please ask for more details.

Survey conducted by Futuresource Consulting Limited for the period from 2001 to 2019.

Based on fourth quarter 2016 results for EMEAR region.

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